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  U14 Eclipse U14 Flare



U17 S2S


Head Coach Sandy Hancock Karen Martin Stephanie Cook Emily Hardy Joanna Meltzer Samantha Mills
Assistant Coach Sara Freyvogel Allie Lucas Lise Byers Tina Botteselle Georgina Titus Jessie Thompson
Assistant Coach Eve O'Byrne Natalie Ranspot Emma Dyer Marisa Gour
Sophia Kostamo
# of Players 16 15 TBD TBD TBD TBD
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  U14 Eclipse
Head Coach Sandy Hancock
Assist. Coach Sara Freyvogel
Jr. Coach Eve O'Byrne
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  U14 Flare
Head Coach Karen Martin
Assist. Coach Allie Lucas
Assist. Coach Natalie Ranspot
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Head Coach Stephanie Cook
Assist. Coach Lise Byers
Assist. Coach Emma Dyer
Head Coach Emily Hardy
Head Coach Tina Botteselle
Assist. Coach Marisa Gour
  U17 Sea to Sky
Head Coach Joanna Meltzer
Assist. Coach Georgina Titus
Head Coach Samantha Mills
Assist. Coach Jessie Thompson
Assist. Coach Sophia Kostamo
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